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Online Check-In

... shortly before your flight and save time

The minimum time you can check-in online is defined by each individual airline. Always read the terms and conditions of each airline regarding online check-in.
To use online check-in services, click on the respective link of the airlines list. airtickets® is not liable for any inconvinience that may occur during the online check-in process.
When stated that “Web Check-in is not provided by the airline”, this means that either we could not find this service or the airline does not provide Online Check-in.
All links have been checked by our team to ensure validity and proper function. However, airlines may change the links from time to time without informing, therefore we would kindly ask you in case you find a broken link to inform us. Please also let us know if your preferred airline is missing from the list. You can always email us at info_us@airtickets.com In order to Check-in Online with an airline that is not included in the list, please visit the airline’s website.